Scared Kids

Welcome to Scared Kids:
Helping Children to Cope with Anxiety

When kids get anxious they need us adults to help them make sense of their worries and to give them the skills and strategies to cope with it. This course is designed to equip you to do just that!

This course is for anybody who is parenting their own anxious child or teenager, caring for children or working with children. It will allow you to deepen your understanding of anxiety and how you can help a child to regulate their anxiety, dealing with it better.

There are two versions of the course. One version is for parents, carers or professionals working with children and is available all year round. The second version of the course is specifically for Primary School teachers and is a Department of Education and Skills approved EPV summer course that will run during July 2021 (but you can sign up now!). Please click the link below for the version you want to find out more about.


You will be provided with lots of take away strategies to enable you to work with the child to help them process and deal with their anxiety, so it doesn’t stay a problem for them in the long term.

The 8 Modules

Broken up into 8 modules, this comprehensive course will give you great confidence, a set of skills, techniques and ideas that you can use to help your child with anxiety, as well as addressing any personal adult anxiety.

1. Freaking Out

How to tell if a child has problematic anxiety

2. Upstairs Downstairs

Understanding how a child’s brain processes anxiety

3. Be Still My Racing Heart

Helping children to respond to the physical symptoms of anxiety

4. I Think, Therefore I am

How a child’s cognitions affect anxiety

5. See What i can see

How children’s emotional understanding impacts on anxiety

6. Feel The Fear And Do it Anyway

Addressing a child’s anxious behaviour

7. I Worry Too

Resolving adult anxiety so we can help children resolve theirs

8. A Second Opinion

Knowing when a child’s anxiety might need professional help

David explains so well how anxiety can affect children and young people and how us adults can support them through it. It also gives great analogies and teaches self care for adults too. I would highly recommend this course to parents and to anybody who works/supports children and young people.


Parent and Works with Children

I would highly recommend this course to any teacher both primary and secondary. The course is a wealth of information about anxiety and how the brain works but also how we as teachers can help any students who may be presenting anxiously in school.



This course is very easy to follow.  It gives examples of what might trigger a stressful situation for a child and gives coping ways to help the child manage their own anxieties. I feel confident as a parent and an SNA to help a child in my care. David explains everything in a calm voice and with easy to follow steps. I would recommend this course to anyone, especially now. I look forward to doing more courses with David.


Parent and Works with Children

Upon completion of this course my feedback could only be positive. I found the content was very interesting and easy to understand. I particularly found the brain very interesting and David spoke about this so knowledgeably while also easy to understand. I feel that I have gained practical tips, tricks and ideas from this course and also have a better understanding of children’s emotions. Really enjoyed the learning from this course!


Works with Children