My six-year-old still wets the bed and he is in pull-ups. Is this normal?



I am looking for advice about my 6-year-old son who wets the bed at night, so he is in pullups. Is this normal for a 6 year old boy or should he have stopped at this stage? He goes to the toilet before he goes to bed.

Bedwetting at age 6 is still quite common, with about one in every six or seven children still wetting the bed. Most children do grow out of it without any need for intervention (although I had a recent query about an 11-year-old). Indeed, it is probably only at about your son’s age that you might consider doing something to address the bedwetting. It is especially relevant to address it if he is starting to feel bad or self-conscious about wearing the pullups.

By this age children should be producing antidiuretic hormone (ADH) that helps them to produce less urine at night. They are also, hopefully, becoming more attuned to the feeling of fullness or pressure in their bladder that might prompt them to wake up.

Bedwetting alarms are the most effective way to help your child learn to wake up at that feeling of fullness. Reducing liquids in the hours before bed, and even moving bedtimes a half hour forward (so your child gets more sleep and may not fall into such a deep sleep) can also help.