If you have heard me on radio or seen me on TV then you’ll know that I believe in straightforward, no-jargon, solutions to common parenting dilemmas and problems.

I decided to take the same approach to writing books and so far I have written three of them. I think they are great (but of course I would!) so hopefully they will meet your needs for advice, reassurance and the energy required to keep being the best parent you can be.

I’ve joined up with Claire Byrne to be the resident clinical psychologist and parenting expert on Today with Claire Byrne radio show on RTÉ Radio 1. If you have questions or comments about anything to do with child and adolescent development, family life, childcare or parenting then email the show and we’ll hopefully get to address your issue.

I’ve been lucky enough to have several television series that have enjoyed huge national audiences. “Families in Trouble” was my first venture into television and ran for two consecutive series. I then became involved in our ongoing project “21st Century Child”.

Over 500,000 viewers tuned into my subsequent, award winning, series “Teens in the Wild”, which also aired on RTÉ 1.

It was so successful that myself and Firebrand Productions had another go and this time we took whole families away. The fruits of that labour, “Families in the Wild” finished it’s run on RTÉ 1 at the start of April 2011.

Bullyproof is my most recent award winning television programme. Bullyproof received amazingly positive audience feedback and also won an IFTA for Best Television Documentary Series.

I’ve also partnered with many companies and brands to help spread their message, when the message meets the needs and interests of parents, families, children or teenagers.



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