I stopped my kids playing Playstation but my son keeps crying for it!

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I’ve 4 kids aged 16, 9, 7 and 5. They are addicted to their PlayStation. Their mood and behaviour is terrible, so I removed the controllers last week. The 9 year old cries as he said it’s his only way to communicate with his friends, I offered FaceTime and he said no. We have been managing well without it (arts and crafts, playing cards, baking, walking all the usual stuff), but he’s asking me daily. Do I stick to my guns?

Yes, I think you can stick to your guns. You have several key indicators that your core decision is a good one, primarily that they are generally coping well without it and, presumably, their mood and behaviour has improved. It is great that they are finding alternative ways to amuse themselves, with your help.

Your 9-year-old sounds like he is missing the PlayStation the most, and it may be the case that he is missing chatting with his friends. However, you have offered him alternative ways to connect and the fact that he declines, suggests that chatting to them isn’t the main reason he is missing the gaming.

I think, if you can stick with your decision, you will find that his demands to get back gaming will diminish. You can further help him by acknowledging that he does seem upset and is missing several things about the PlayStation. Then you can remind him what a pleasure he is to have playing all the other games and pastimes with the family. Over time, he’ll process his disappointment.