Headspace Adventures

Headspace Adventures is an adventure therapy programme for teenagers that I co-founded with Sinéad Pollock-Orr (Adventure Leader).

The Headspace Adventures camps are designed to get teenagers (13-16 years of age) to think better, feel better and act better in all areas of their lives.

Things in their lives might feel stuck, or they might be experiencing anxiety or poor self-confidence. Headspace Adventures can help.

Accommodation will be provided in a house. Participants will stay in shared rooms. Weather permitting, one night will involve an expedition and overnight camp. All accommodation, all food, all adventure activities, use of specialised equipment, individual and group therapy/intervention sessions, expedition/wild camp and feedback to participants and their parent(s) at the end of the course are included in the course cost.

Transport to and from the course location at the start and end of the week will be your own responsibility, we will provide transport to all activities during the week.

Sinéad and I personally lead the full week, living with the young people and engaging participants in both the activities and the strengths based interventions. Depending on the activities involved, other experienced instructors may be assisting us, but we will be present throughout.

Because we live with the young people throughout the full week, we are fully responsible for their care day and night until the programme ends. We keep daily records on each young person, focusing on strengths that we observe each day and give them full feedback at the end of the week.

To enquire further, or to be added to the database for next year’s camps, you can email me directly: